Stress-Free Driving

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Driving not as fun as it used to be? Remember the first time you got behind the wheel? The excitement? The freedom? The sense of control? Then something happened: maybe a bad experience, or negative experiences over time.
Download Stress-Free Driving For Just $9.97!
Reduce stress in just six minutes. Designed to be played while you drive, Stress-Free Driving gives you fast, easy, effective techniques on how to stay relaxed yet alert—whether you're commuting in heavy traffic, driving an 18-wheeler across the country or simply running an errand.
Developed by experts in relaxation and awareness. Stress-Free Driving was created by Stellar Living founders Steve Price, RYT, MFA, and Dr. Valorie Valencia, PhD, RYT, basedValSteve on decades of expertise in science, communication and relaxation therapy. Ten years ago, Price suffered from driving anxiety; in fact, he was responsible for three accidents at the same intersection within an 18-month period. Since practicing the techniques in Stress-Free Driving, he has been free of driving anxiety—and accidents.
Drive stress-free under any condition. With Stress-Free Driving, you’ll learn simple breathing, relaxation and awareness techniques that, with repetition, will eventually become second nature. By focusing your mind and calming your nervous system, Stress-Free Driving will empower you to:
  • Reduce stress on freeways, windy roads or during bad weather
  • Stay engaged and alert on long trips
  • Prevent accidents, road rage and other hazards
  • Increase your overall enjoyment of driving
Download Stress-Free
Driving For Just $9.97!
"Simple and relevant. Six minutes that could change everything, for you and those you love."
    —Burt Bornstein, Phoenix, AZ
Warning: Stress-Free Driving can lead to stress-free living! Listen often enough, and you’ll experience less stress even when you’re not driving. These breathing and awareness techniques will come in handy in any potentially stressful situation, at home or at work. You’ll find yourself feeling better, sleeping better and living better.
Download Stress-Free Driving Right Now for Just $9.97. Because of the profound effect Stress-Free Driving can have on the safety and well-being of people everywhere, we've made it easy and affordable. Simply download the audio and upload it on the mobile device of your choosing, or burn it to a CD. If you prefer the convenience of a CD, we’ll send you one for just $10 more.
Buy now and receive our complimentary e-book. We’ve written a companion ebook to support and reinforce the principles and techniques provided in the audio, and are now offering this guide for free with your purchase. To make these products even more powerful, we’ve created a Stress-Free Driving blog so that drivers can share their experiences.
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FREE BONUS: Buy NOW and receive as our gift the e-book:
    "Stress-Free Driving: Six Easy Steps To Staying Relaxed Yet Alert"
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Guaranteed or your money back. We’re confident that Stress-Free Driving will change the way you drive—and, quite possibly, the way you live. This product will enhance your life, and possibly even save it. In turn, you will positively influence other drivers and everyone in your life. If it doesn’t, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.
Why drive one more mile under stress? As medical research continues to prove, stress is a major contributor to a multitude of diseases in our culture. And, most drivers experience at least some level of stress behind the wheel; for some of us, driving anxiety is so severe it has become a disability. Whatever your stress level might be, Stress-Free Driving will provide value to your life, and to the lives of everyone around you. Give yourself, your loved ones and everyone out there on the road the gift of driving stress-free.
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